What's NEW!
What?! It’ll take two weeks to finish the prototype?!
That won’t do! It won’t be in time for market release!
And this design…
Isn’t this the same aluminium powder coating used in our previous product?

There’s nothing I can do about that.
The last product used pearl mica, and the one before that used deposition plating.

Business is slow, and this product has to sell!
Understand?! Hurry up with the next prototype!
Hmm. We need a novel design. Maybe that will help sell the product.
What seems to be the problem here?
Oh, Mr. Tanaka
Hello, Ms. Kimura
I was just talking with the administrator about the design for the new product.
We haven’t decided on the design yet - and we’re supposed to announce the product next month!

That’s not good. Hmm.
Why don’t you start by changing the mold like you’ve done before?

We’d rather not go to that much trouble.
That’s why we haven’t been ordering new molds recently.
Please have some tea.
Ha, ha.
How about injection molding with plastic?

Using injection molding creates the problem of weld lines.
No, no! I’m sure there are products that can solve the weld line problem!
I’m pretty sure there’s a pattern material that gives a grainy finish.

Really? In that case, let’s see if we can find something.Still, I don’t think we’ll be able to use a mold this time.
Tap, tap, tap… (on computer keyboard).
(Sigh of disappointment)
I hope we can find something. But even if we can eliminate the weld lines, there’s still the matter of design.

I found something! Let’s see… pattern material for a grainy finish? Artificial marble? Tap, tap…
Glitter, metallic… There’s lots here.

We look forward to working with you! 
Thank you. We also look forward to working with you. Good bye.
You look busy.
So, what’s with this sudden visit?
I was in the neighborhood.
It looks like business is good.
(Bows in greeting)
Yes, thank you.
We’ve decided to work with XX Trading.
That was their sales person who just left.

Really? That’s a big company!
What did you propose to them?

I’ll explain later.

Ring! (Phone)

Hello, this is MC.
I’m going out.
Could I have an invoice!
(Walks into office area) Mind if I come in?
You really are busy!
Up until recently, business was so bad we were in trouble. You could say our success is due to design.
Due to design?!
What? Haven’t you heard?
The grainy finish product that we made a prototype for two month ago is selling like crazy.

I had no idea!
Sorry to keep you waiting. The phone call took longer than I expected.
創造工業社 社長 I heard your new product is a smash hit.
創造工業社 社長 So what about it?

Don’t keep it a secret! Hurry up and tell me!

Of course. I’m sorry. Take a look at this.
Ta-da! (Pulls out product)

Wow. That’s quite a product!
That’s really sharp!
We've basically decided on the next design and the injection molding for it.
Are you going with a grainy finish product again?
We’re thinking about using a metallic finish to create an effective design.

What? A metallic finish?

Won’t there be a problem with the weld lines using injection molding?
創造工業社 社長

We probably can’t achieve the same metallic finish as with deposition plating or coating, so we’ve changed our idea and are thinking of a novel metallic design.

As well, there’s no secondary processing like with plating and coating, and through injection molding we have an effective design. This is the most cost-efficient way
創造工業社 社長 Here are some catalogs
There are quite a few.
Wow! There really are a lot!

The technical details can be worked out by phone or email. First we order some samples from the catalog and make a prototype.

In a metallic or grainy finish, you can choose from a variety of finishes like scaly, powdery, flaky, or fibrous. And the color you choose has an effect on the design as well.

In a metallic finish, there’s a flake type that gives a glitter effect, and also aluminium powder and aluminium paste.
For glitter, we can use an aluminium flake base or a polyethylene terephthalate base. It depends on the type of resin and molding method you use.

Ring! (Phone)

Hello. This is MC.
Ms. Kimura! Call from XX Trading.

Excuse me for a moment.
Hello? (On phone)

Oh, right. We’ve decided to go with a new design for our next product.
It’s going to look like this. (Shows product)

What? Really?
(MC has decided to order a mold from MMC.)

Thank you very much!